Try It: Photograph Hands You Love

What are the little hands around you doing? 

I usually photograph the faces of my those dear to me.  My second choice would be hands.  

This week try it: photograph hands you love.

Share your work on the Familiar Light: Try It flickr group. 

4 thoughts to “Try It: Photograph Hands You Love”

  1. That's funny that you talk about hands. I always try and get my kids' hands rather than their faces. They are 12 and 18 years old, and growing into quite the young adults, but it's their hands that still tell me that they are "babies". Hands tell so much. : )

  2. Great photos and a very great idea. Hands: I fell in love with your father's hands … and my cousin told me she always envied the shape of my hands … and Maureen could be a hand model, her hands are so elegant. Wonderful!

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