One Very Scary Night

At dinner Atticus says, “Whoever makes the scariest face wins!” Then the competition begins for who face is scariest.  I didn’t want to let this ritual go unrecorded.  Be prepared to be scared…

(She really is trying to scare you.)


All of these photos were taken with my 100mm lens at f/3.2.  Why 100mm?  My 50mm is broken and I haven’t sent it off for a repair yet.  (Have you ever gone to the post office or Fed Ex with four kids?)  I am missing my 50 but being pushed to use this lens more is helping me understand its strengths and weaknesses.

5 thoughts to “One Very Scary Night”

  1. So nice to see a post from you! Not surprising that your kids are adorable and scary at the same time.

    I am very glad this was not about a trip to the emergency room.

    (I often avoid trips to the post office by ordering my postage online at – then your regular mail carrier will pick it up)

  2. Do you find yourself backing up into things when you use the 100mm? I've recently been shooting with an 85mm after years of 50mm – sometimes it feels like I just can't get everything in…

  3. Hi Christina. I think scary and adorable does sum it up these days. I got my assistant (mother) to send the 50 for me. I will take your advice next time. I'm looking forward to getting it back.

    Crozefeet… I do have to back WAY up. A couple of times this has meant walking backwards out into the street – not a good example for the kids! How do you like the 85?

    Katie… I know! The baby will do that face anytime we ask.

  4. I love this series for many reasons but mostly because it gives a picture of your four children all on the same night, each in their own frame. There is something about seeing them apart but knowing you were all together that is so wonderful.

    I use a 50mm on an smaller olympus body and I have to back up all the time. . . which is my only complaint about my favorite lens!

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