Where are you going?

This reminded me so much of this picture taken six months ago.

In just half a year, she has not just learned to walk but also learned to run.  (She imitates her brother and says, “One, two, three…GO!” before taking off running.) She has also learned how much there is to see.  Some kids want their mom or dad close by when they are out and about –  not this little girl.  When she sees something she wants to explore, she’s off without looking back.

2 thoughts to “Where are you going?”

  1. I was also surprised that it was just six months. Thank goodness for all that info that is stuck to the pictures. I wouldn't remember.
    I was at a party with family but all she wanted to do was walk around outside and look at the cows. I loved the light and was glad she brought me outside.

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