136 : 365 Looking Up

365 Project Note: I’ve been thinking about sameness. How much sameness is okay when you are posting a photo everyday? The fact is: my life involves a lot of repetition.  Walks, playgrounds, kids, coats, shoes, Rice Krispies, apples, bedtime. The repetition doesn’t bother me usually. I enjoy the way the kids love the same playground as much today as they did yesterday. 

(But, there is a part of me that wonders as I’m posting if more of the same makes you yawn. “Oh yes. More cute kid with leafy bokeh.”)


3 thoughts to “136 : 365 Looking Up”

  1. No, no yawning here. There is always something new and different. The kids grow and change. They’re in different places and different light. You have something insightful and simple to say. And they’re really cute.

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