94 : 365 Beach Boy

Most of the real action at the beach happened in the water while my camera sat safely in a bag at our little beach camp.  I thought about getting a waterproof bag of some sort but unsure of my options – I chose nothing.  

Never again.  I love watching my kids play in the ocean. I would love to have photos of their faces as waves approach and crash into them.

We have a trip to the Myrtle Beach in May.  I will figure out how to safely get my camera in the ocean by then.  

3 thoughts to “94 : 365 Beach Boy”

  1. 5D MKII and 7D are both weather sealed, so no problem there. L lenses are also sealed, so any old 24-105 f4 (kit lens for 5D) will be sealed with the UV filter on it.

    Should withstand splashing around, although not full immersion in water 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t risk dunking my DSLR in a plastic bag 🙂

    Maybe just get a toughened compact camera? Good housings cost as much as a decent compact. Added benefit is not being afraid of beach/dune sand getting in your lens rings.

    Granted, quality and handling will suffer, but recent compacts do have good quality in good light.

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