6: Joe and Jill

 When Steve and I were engaged, I remember people telling me how happy they were about it.  A neighbor told me the news made her smile all day.  I didn’t understand.  I knew we were happy but why did it make anyone else happy?

I understand now.  Being around my brother, Joe and his fiance, Jill, makes me happy.  Can you see why?

I wanted to share a little about taking these photos.  This was the last morning of Joe and Jill’s visit.  I wanted to take some nice photos for them since I wouldn’t see them again together until their wedding in September. 

I looked outside and saw those big snowflakes and said, “This would be a great time to take some pictures.” They were ready in minutes.  Below is the first photo I took of them.  

They look great – I know.  But, I wanted to capture more for them.  Before we went outside, I had an idea.  I got two pieces of paper and wrote for Joe: Tell Jill about how it felt when her ring came in the mail. For Jill: Tell Joe what you think about or how you feel when you look at your ring.

Within moments, there was laughter and a some joyful tears.  

5 thoughts to “6: Joe and Jill”

  1. Jenny – Thanks to Mama-Trish's e-mail, we were able to go to your wonderful Familiar Light site where we actually "felt the love" between Jill & Joe. You & your camera are amazing as you touch everyone's lives. Thank you – Jan & Don

  2. What a great set up for these beautiful photos. The questions alone make me misty … and the pictures then come alive. Thanks.

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