26: Naptime

At 3 o’clock every afternoon, two older girls are done school.  I pack up the two younger kids to walk or drive over to their nearby school and bring them home.  If Augusta is sleeping, this is a problem.  I never want to wake her up so I put her down for her nap early enough that she’d be awake in time to go pick them up. But, if she goes down for her nap around 1:00 she doesn’t sleep very long and she wakes up crying.  I noticed on the weekend if I let her stay up until around 2:00 or 2:30 she’d sleep for at least an hour and a half and often longer.  

In addition to this, I noticed the worst times of the day for me were when I was getting my kids in the car to go somewhere on time.  This was the situation every day when it was time to pick up the girls at school. I decided it was time to ask for help.  

Why didn’t I ask sooner?  Because I had nothing to offer in return.  If I’m driving, I have only one extra seat and it’s the front seat where kids don’t sit in this day and age.  I couldn’t return the favor so I didn’t want to ask.  On Sunday while Augusta was napping,  I asked my neighbor and sister in law if they could pick up my kids from school during the week.  They said yes.  

This afternoon I put her down for her nap at around 2 o’clock.  She napped until almost four and woke up singing a song about Thomas the Train.  

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