171 : 365 A Little Business

I few months ago, I got some tiny business cards.  I mostly forget I have them.  

On Saturday, I mailed a USB drive of family photos to a client.  I wrote a thank you note and before I sealed the envelope I remembered the tiny business cards.  I put a few in and felt brilliant for remembering.  

Today’s photo count: 68

A note on today’s photo: I almost didn’t choose this photo even though I liked it. It looks like I set it up and I really prefer naturally occurring photos.  But, the truth is, I didn’t set it up.  I had the box of cards out because I sent a few in that card and he found this one.  He held it up to me.

2 thoughts to “171 : 365 A Little Business”

  1. Oh I love this, Jenny…I have loved your photography for a long time…you have your stamp on it. I bet that if I were to pick among 4 or 5 pics, I would know which one is yours! <3

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