33: Soak It Up

Some people say they love babies that they can give back at night and when they need a diaper change.  I love babies who wake me at night by touching my cheek and asking to nurse, poop in our tub after a shower together (happened yesterday) and dance when I walk in house after I’ve been away for an hour: my babies.

I was talking to friend today about the cuddle filled days I’m having with Atticus recently.  I told her about how he got in to bed with me at four this morning.  He crawled in and said, “I want to be close to you mom.”

She said, “Soak it up.”

Today’s photographer: my daughter, Savanna.  She will be ten this month.  We were all out together enjoying the snow.  I asked her if she would take pictures of me with Augusta.  I handed her the camera and then said, “Oh! You have to focus using your thumb on the back of the camera.” (Back button focus)  She said, “No problem.”

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