Try It: Get Down in the Dirt

This week’s Try It is so simple ~ you are going to love it.

But… it is bad news for your favorite pair of pants.

Do you know the difference between the photo above and this next photo?

Same adorable girl playing in the dirt.  Same time of day.  Same camera.  Same lens.  Same settings.

I only changed one thing: I stood up for the second photo.

This week I offer you a very simple task: get down on your knees and see how it changes your photographs.

Standing up:

Or getting down on my knees:

I love this photo (above) because of the girls’ expressions and what is happening between them. If I had been standing at that moment instead of kneeling, it wouldn’t have been the same photo.  It would have been hard to see their faces and the background would have been the grass.

This week Try It: Get Down in the Dirt.

Send your favorite from the week to me:

I’d love to see what happens when you get down in the dirt.

One more thing… Getting a lower angle is just one of the the many choices you have when taking a photo.  I’m encouraging you to make a choice – which angle looks the most interesting to you – instead of just standing there.

A special thanks to my lovely assistant, Savanna! (Who is rockin’ the low angle!)

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