12 : 365 Work

My neighbor is getting some work done on her house.  Today I listened the pounding of a hammer on nails as new pieces of wood were being put into place.  

I thought, “Years from now the work that he did today will still be done.”  (It might need a fresh coat of paint.)

Most of the work I do every day gets undone before the sun goes down.

I was talking to a friend about why I love doing these daily photos.  

One reason: they stay done.

Another reason: they show me what I did all day.

2 thoughts to “12 : 365 Work”

  1. And yetyears from now the work that of mothering that you did today will still live on in your children and grandchildren. (The photos are lovely work too!)

    1. That is so true, Zane. I know that the work I’m really doing is raising people – not laundry and dishes. But in the short term – there’s a lot of laundry and dishes – especially since all the kids are home.

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