42 : 365 Good Company

When I decided to start my year long project – board my little boat – I imagined floating along on my own.  I was feeling a little foolish for taking on a project in the midst of a busy life with four kids.  But I said, “Join me.” I didn’t think anyone would.

My sister, Maureen, called and said she was going to do photos every day with me.  Good news. Then my long time friend, Victoria,  who helps me see clearly after making me laugh at myself, said, “I am going to write a paragraph every day.”  I was thrilled.  After another few days, my high school friend, Stephanie, said, “I’m joining. Where should I post my poems?”  And then another long lost high school friend, Rachel, started poems every day too.

Every day, I look forward to seeing Maureen’s photos and reading my friends’ poems and prose.  I love being on this little boat with my friends.  Do I think about quitting?  I do not.  At all.  

You can see what my fellow sailors are up to.  

Maureen’s photos.

Victoria’s paragraphs.

Stephanie’s Sixes.

Rachel’s poems. 

Feel like boarding our little vessel? Hop on.  

 (Did I take my kids’ toy to a little pond? Why, yes I did. I was inspired by the little person with the glasses because she looks like me. Another reason to love a 365 – doing silly stuff in search of a daily photo.)

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