21 : 365 The Early Birds

The great thing about something new is that it’s new  – shiny, unbroken and novel.    

What ‘s not so great: everyone loves something new. 

A new spray park opened in our corner of the city.  We were anxious to try it out. 

On our first attempt, we arrived on a hot morning at 11 am.  We saw that we were not the only ones anxious to try out the new attraction.  There was nowhere to park and it looked like it would be a challenge to get near the sprinklers.  We went home.

A week later on a hot afternoon I thought of the spray park.  I got my little flock water ready and headed out.  We had not problem parking this time.  But from the car we could see that there were lots kids splishing and splashing around.  We got out and hesitantly walked toward the crowd of wet revelers.

My littlest was not interested.  I quickly saw that there were so many kids running around that I couldn’t keep track of my smallest ducklings.  We got back in the car, drove home and got out our sprinkler.

Today, we left the house at 9am and arrived at the spray park when it was being turned on.  Avery got to push the button that started the sprinklers.  

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