217 : 365 Returning

Repetition is a theme in my photos.  It is a theme in my life.  Going to the library is something I am happy to do over and over.  

I love the library.  I worked at the libraries of both the colleges I attended.  I am so grateful that I can take my kids to many different libraries – all within a few miles of my home.  My kids give names to the libraries we go to.  Today we went to the main library in Oakland. They call it the Big Library.  They have named it well.  It is big.   We had trouble parking today which reminded me why this isn’t the library we always go to.  But, their collection is amazing and it’s fun to just be in the building.  

After many years of trying to remember when my books we due, forgetting and paying fines, we have settled into a weekly visit.  That way, all the books are due on Wednesday and I only have to check once a week.  

In this photo, Augusta is looking for books about volcanoes.  Why?  Her brother loves volcanoes. 

Today’s photo count: 9 

2 thoughts to “217 : 365 Returning”

  1. The big library is my favorite! And the only one I ever go to, as thankfully I can walk there. Good idea to stick to one day a week. I rely on the online renewal system quite a lot!

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