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At the start of the new year, a wonderful thing happened.  Some friends of mine started a year of daily photos – 365 Projects.  

I started mine in June of last year.  I’m a little over halfway through.  

I have times when I feel like my 365 project is the best thing I do all day.  Once I get a photo done – it stays done. (Unlike the laundry.)

I enjoy looking back at a week or month of photos and see what we’ve done. (Other than laundry.)

There are other times my project is like laundry – so easy to fall behind and no way to get ahead.

People have different expectations themselves when they undertake a 365 project.

For this, my second 365 Project, I am much, much gentler with myself than during my first 365 a in 2010.  This time, I take Sundays off.  I make sure to get a photo every day but if I don’t get it posted right away, or post out of order, I don’t worry too much.  That said, there is a little voice I hear sometimes that says, “Doesn’t seem like a real project then…” I ignore that voice.  I remind myself, or am reminded by others, that it is my project after all.  

I recently started noting how many photos I take every day.  I have been surprised at how constant the number is. 

Another thing about doing a photo every day – not every photo will be great.  See above photo.  

I was fooling around with using my flash off camera triggered by my 7D’s pop up flash. I didn’t anything I liked even though I took a bunch of photos. Then, it was time for bed and I realized I needed a photo for the day. So I did long exposure of me getting ready for bed. 

This is January’s For the Love blog circle. Please follow this link to Melissa’s blog and then go all the way around the circle until you find yourself right back here.

4 thoughts to “For the Love of a Project – Blog Circle”

  1. 365 projects can be so daunting and yet so rewarding! I did one a couple of years back but only made it to the summer. Keep it up…you will be so happy you did. I may need to start one again too. 🙂

    1. Exactly, Melissa. I started mine during the summer this time and I’m so glad. Winter is a tough time to start and finish – with the dark coming so early.

      I’d love to see your project if you start one again!

  2. Good for you for starting again! I think I do take a picture a day but I have never documented it daily! I really should : ). I hope you have a great year with your adventure. I love that you are being kinder and gentler on yourself this time. In 20 years no one will ever know if you went out of order one day, right? : )

    1. Thank you, Rebeckah. The first time around I was my own worst enemy! I love the quote – The perfect is the enemy of the good.

      I am having a lot of fun with it this year.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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