4 : 365 Friendship

Avery is blessed with some fantastic friends.  Ben is one of them. 

I took this photo while we were at camp yesterday. 

When I wrote about starting this project last week, I mentioned the story of the Children of Israel gathering manna. (You can read the story here.)  In the story the Children of Israel gather manna six days a week.  They have a day of rest (the sabbath) when they eat manna they gathered the day before.  

I am going to do the same with my project this year.  I’m taking a day off every week and sharing a photo from the day before.


1 : 365 Celebration

With memories of his fifth birthday fresh in his mind, Atticus wanted to make sure my birthday was a real birthday .  

“What kind of present would you like? A broom?” 

“We need some decorations for your birthday.” 

Avery quietly went to her room and got out colored paper.  Before long, she had this paper chain for me. 


The kids helped with my cake this morning too.

Try It: Start a Project

In January of 2010, I got a call from my brother, Joe.  (Take a few minutes and check out his website.  You will love watching his work.)  He was starting a “365.”  He was going to post a photo every day on Flickr all year long.  I talked to him about how great projects are. “It’s not about the photos it’s about the process of creation,”  I said. “That is something I’d love to do someday.”

I got off the phone and folded some laundry.  I called him back and said, “I am going to start a 365 too.  I’ll get a photo up soon.”  Joe said, “I’ll look for your photo later today.” 

I set up a Flickr account and posted my first photo that day.  

Did I know what I was getting into?  Not at all.  

For my first 365, I started at the beginning of the new year in cold, dark January.  

This time I’m starting on my birthday.  The beginning of a new year that starts in the warm, bright summer. 

There are many reasons not to do a year long project.  Many reasons.  You know them.  You have them too.  They are reasonable.   (We don’t have time. Our lives are already full, full, full.)

Here is why I decided to do another 365.

About halfway my first 365 Project, I began to have confidence that if I showed up (got my camera off the shelf and looked around me) I would get a photo for the day.  Every day, there would be something.  

It reminded me of the story in Exodus of God giving the Children of Israel their daily bread: manna. Every morning they would gather the manna and there would always be enough.  They couldn’t save extra for another day.  They had to trust that the next day they would be provided for.  

I’m starting a new 365 because I have realized that this kind of project feeds me.

What kind of project would feed you?  What is keeping you from starting a creative project?

I’d love to have you join me.  Comment below or send an email to jenny@familiarlight.com so I can look for your photos.

Try It: Move in Close

Do you have a macro lens?  I love mine.  I don’t use it nearly as much as my 50mm.  I have a 100mm macro. It is just the thing for noticing the beautiful detail in small things.

On days when too many things are out of place inside, I go outside with my macro lens and take a close look at something.  When I get up close to something like these flowers, I see something new and beautiful.

This week – Try It: Move in Close to see something in a way you didn’t before.