15 : 365 Jumping In

I was attempting some photos of me and the baby (er… two year old) using a remote.  (They were mostly out of focus.  I’ll try again soon.)  We were discovered by this guy who jumped right into the action.

This reminded me of how much the kids like the remote.  I haven’t been using it since Savanna got so handy with the camera. 

12 : 365 Work

My neighbor is getting some work done on her house.  Today I listened the pounding of a hammer on nails as new pieces of wood were being put into place.  

I thought, “Years from now the work that he did today will still be done.”  (It might need a fresh coat of paint.)

Most of the work I do every day gets undone before the sun goes down.

I was talking to a friend about why I love doing these daily photos.  

One reason: they stay done.

Another reason: they show me what I did all day.

9 : 365 A Great Idea

Atticus said he had a great idea.  

“Go get one of your cookering books.”(Commonly known as cookbooks.)  

“What do you want to make?” I asked. 

He wanted to make chocolate chip cookies.  We had no chocolate chips.  

“How about bread?” I asked. 

“I’ll get the bowl,” he said.   

I love making bread with my kids.  The process is so forgiving.  Added too much water? Just add some more flour.  It’s too dry?  More water will fix that.

I have been making bread for years.  When I taught kids Atty’s age, we made bread every week.  It is through making all those rolls and loaves that I’ve learned how flexible the process is.

The first loaf I baked, I followed the recipe. 

We ended up with two lovely loaves.  The first was eaten with dinner.  

Atticus insisted that we take the second to his babysitter, Kelsey. 

I’m sharing a little behind the scenes here.  I saw an opportunity for my photo of the day when Atticus started making the bread.  I know that it is so hard to get good photos in my kitchen.  There’s light from the windows and from fluorescent lights.  Yuck.  I went and grabbed my gray card and took this photo.  It helped me get a decent white balance without much trouble. (Can you find it amidst all the junk on the counter?)

7 : 365 Steady

My brother, Joe , is in town shooting some video Birdsfoot Golf Club. I went out with him early this morning to get some still shots of him working.

Joe lives across the country in San Francisco.  He has described his Steadicam work to me but I didn’t really understand what he was up to until I saw him at work today.