7 : 365 Steady

My brother, Joe , is in town shooting some video Birdsfoot Golf Club. I went out with him early this morning to get some still shots of him working.

Joe lives across the country in San Francisco.  He has described his Steadicam work to me but I didn’t really understand what he was up to until I saw him at work today.

5 thoughts to “7 : 365 Steady”

  1. So neat to see! Now I must humbly ask, if Joe is ever in town again wielding Steadicam, I would love to come along too! I’m fascinated by Steadicam work and would love an opportunity to see someone so good at this craft.

    1. When I posted those pictures of Joe, I thought of you. I thought, "Most people who look at my blog won’t be interested in these ones but I know one person that will be."

      I will definitely call you next time he’s here and let you know.

  2. I’m glad to see what Joe does too … and I’m glad YOU were there to film Joe filming with his steady cam

  3. I saw the other day that people are using Stedicam technology to develop utensils for people with Parkinsons, they have a spoon where the blade adapts to the shaking in the handle using the same tech. Such a cool cross-over.

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