8 : 365 All Wet

I love water pictures in summertime.  

I am dying to get some kind of waterproofness for my camera.  Any suggestions? 

2 thoughts to “8 : 365 All Wet”

  1. This looks fun! Is this the new spray park at Mellon Park by any chance? I haven’t been there yet.

    No suggestions here on waterproofing. Get a GoPro?

    1. We went to the new Mellon Park spray park one day but it was so crowded we left.

      This one is at Idlewild Park. All of my kids have loved this part of the water park when they were little. There’s nothing unpredictable about it. It’s like playing in a bunch of big faucets.

      I will have to look at the GoPros. Someone else suggested them too. I would just love to take my camera in the water but the real housings are $$$ and so much more than I need.

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