9 : 365 A Great Idea

Atticus said he had a great idea.  

“Go get one of your cookering books.”(Commonly known as cookbooks.)  

“What do you want to make?” I asked. 

He wanted to make chocolate chip cookies.  We had no chocolate chips.  

“How about bread?” I asked. 

“I’ll get the bowl,” he said.   

I love making bread with my kids.  The process is so forgiving.  Added too much water? Just add some more flour.  It’s too dry?  More water will fix that.

I have been making bread for years.  When I taught kids Atty’s age, we made bread every week.  It is through making all those rolls and loaves that I’ve learned how flexible the process is.

The first loaf I baked, I followed the recipe. 

We ended up with two lovely loaves.  The first was eaten with dinner.  

Atticus insisted that we take the second to his babysitter, Kelsey. 

I’m sharing a little behind the scenes here.  I saw an opportunity for my photo of the day when Atticus started making the bread.  I know that it is so hard to get good photos in my kitchen.  There’s light from the windows and from fluorescent lights.  Yuck.  I went and grabbed my gray card and took this photo.  It helped me get a decent white balance without much trouble. (Can you find it amidst all the junk on the counter?)

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