The Good Part


January 3

My little one got a big box of beads for Christmas. She sings while choosing and stringing the glittery beads.

A friend of mine takes her daughter’s bead necklaces apart and puts the beads back to use the next day.

I thought about this. Augusta works so earnestly on her necklaces!  But, after Augusta is done making her necklaces, she doesn’t pay any attention to them. I find them in my shoes (ouch!) and down the laundry chute.

I didn’t want to take apart Augusta’s little masterpieces and have her come looking for them. So, I asked her if it was okay to take the necklaces apart. She said, “Yes!” We cut the strings and put the beads back in the box.

She’s just doing the good part.

At Christmas this year, we got a plastic gingerbread house to decorate. I know. It sounds ridiculous. But, it was great. It didn’t smell good, but it also didn’t fall down. And, they got to decorate it a few times during December.

We just did the good part.


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