Who Took the Snow?

We walked out of the house and he said, “Who took the snow?” He is first suspect was his sister, “Was it Abery?” 

Some unusually warm days left our sledding hill green and muddy. He insisted on taking his sled out anyway. He trudged all the way to the top of the hill and sat down in his sled. When that didn’t work, he ran down the hill with the sled trailing behind. 

Three days later, he was very happy when he looked out the window and saw more snow falling. “Oh, fanks! Oh, fanks!” he said to the sky (not his sister).

“That was great!” 

2 thoughts to “Who Took the Snow?”

  1. Love the "Oh, fanks!"

    The clarity in these photos is stunning. It's so interesting to see the same sled in the same place – first on grass then on snow again. This a beautiful meditation, of sorts, on the false starts in weather before the true shift in seasons occurs.

  2. "Who took the snow?" is a great shot. I love the colors. The mud and slow walk of a wandering child.
    One thing that I love about your photos are that they tell a story, a good story and I am left wondering, thinking about the chapters that follow. Thank you for sharing that with me and my family.

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