My son wasn’t the only one excited by our most recent snowfall. I’m often looking for something new to photograph or a new way to photograph something I’ve seen many times before. I love getting out when snow has changed the world and even my backyard has something new to offer. 

When I go out on a morning like this, I hear this poem in my head. My first grade students learned it one winter when I was teaching. 

First Snow

Snow makes whiteness where it falls.

The bushes look like popcorn-balls.

The places where I always play, 

Look like somewhere else today.

Marie Louise Allen

5 thoughts to “Fresh”

  1. Perhaps we can also picture such a snow covering people, making them "unrecognizable to be related to", giving them the freedom to be new in our sight each day!

  2. Wow, your whites are so detailed. This photo (snow on bench) has a lot of texture. Enjoying your blog so far, thanks for the invitation.

  3. Thanks for the poem! I am going to add it to our list to put up on the board this week. It's not the first snow, of course, but it does feel that way after the big February thaw.

  4. Your brother Alex sent some people towards your blog (me being one of them!). So expect a bunch of strangers commenting on your blog posts now. LOL

    Love these picts. I'd love to be a camera person, but I'm not. I love editing, but I'll leave the shooting to talented folks like you. Great stuff.

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