11|40 Waterfall

f22: 1/3 sec: ISO 100

I just finished reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.  I got it out of the library thinking, “I already understand exposure but I’ll see if this is a good book to recommend to friends.”  There was plenty in the book that was familiar but I’m always interested in how other people describe things like aperture.  Mixed in with the stuff I already knew were many things I didn’t.  One of the chapters was about long exposures.  The photo above is a result of learning about long exposures.

Last year I was at this same waterfall.  This is the photo I took:

f13: 1/10 sec: ISO 100

This one was hand held at one tenth of a second.  In the first one, I put the camera down on a rock and used the self timer to trigger the shutter.  What I wanted to do this year was make the exposure as long as possible.  I set the ISO as low as possible and the aperture as small as possible and was left with the one third of a second shutter speed. 

Then, I forgot I had the timer on.  This is what happened:

It turned out to be my favorite.

2 thoughts to “11|40 Waterfall”

  1. It is like a water painting of water, my favorite as well. What I love is that it shows the variety of art you can create with a camera.

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