Try It: Do it Every Year

1/320: f4.5: 20mm

My mom did not carry a camera wherever she went.  But she did bring it to the bus stop on our first day of school every year.  We love those photos.  We remark on the outfits, the big yellow station wagon, and is that my baby sister strapped into the front seat?  

First day of school photos are commonplace.  If you peek at Facebook this week, you’ll see many kids with backpacks and giddy smiles.  Does that mean you shouldn’t bother?  I don’t think so.  They are a perfect opportunity to make a series that you can look back on in 2032.  (Your kids may ask why you let them go out of the house in those clothes.)

1/80: f5.6: 20mm1/80: f3.5: 100mm1/250: f3.5: 100mm1/320: f3.2: 100mm

Try It is back! The kids are back to school and there’s a little room to breathe around here. I’ll be posting something to try every Wednesday.  If you Try It, share your photo in the Flickr group.  It’s fine if you are trying something from a previous week.  There’s no late around here.

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  1. Yay! glad you are back. My eldest is keeping the tradition alive, and posted a self portrait with chalkboard on her first day of grad school!

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