Try It: Show Some Emotion

You don’t have to be around kids very long to realize how much of the day is not spent smiling.

But listen to us, “Hey honey! Smile!”  It doesn’t take long before they anticipate your prompt, look up at you “smiling,” and hope then you leave them to their business.  

What if we didn’t ask for smiles?

What if we even tried to capture a moment filled with sadness? 

This particular moment of sadness was short lived.  Most of them are with small children.  Tears are frequent but pass like a summer storm.  The time on the photo above is 11:47 AM.  At 11:49, he was all better.

This week, look for moments that are full of emotion. If you are around children, there will be many.  If they need you to talk to them and give them a hug, put down your camera.  But if it can wait a second, take a picture.

Try It: Show Some Emotion.

Share your photos here.

This is the song that plays in my head when I think about this… (You have to have Spotify to hear this. It’s super cool and free.)

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