The Family Photographer 9: Kirsten Lewis

I remember telling my photographer friends, “What I really want to do for other people is what I do for my family.” That is, take photos of us just being together on ordinary days. My friends would say, “You’d love Kirsten Lewis.” She was doing what was talking about. She spent all day with families and made funny, honest, and tender photos of the family’s day.

When I started the TWiP Family podcast, I contacted Kirsten right away asking her to be a guest on the show. (You can hear that interview over on This Week In Photo – right here.)

I was thrilled to get another chance to talk with her for this week’s show. Since talking to her the first time, she became a mother. We talk about how having a child of her own has impacted her work with families. We also talk about something she feels very strongly about and I know a lot of you also are interested in – sharing photos of her daughter online. I loved hearing how she keeps her work from being stagnant and she talks about teaching photographers how to use layers in their photos. She also talks about what cameras she’s using these days. I hope you enjoy the show.

As many of you know, I’m expecting our fifth child any day (or week) now. To make way for the new baby, I’m changing how often The Family Photographer comes out. For the next few months, the podcast will come out every other week.

The next show will be out on January 24. The episode is a conversation with my friends, Zane and Simon, who recently finished 365 projects. We talk about how the year went for them. They talk about what they learned, the challenges and highlights of the year as well as thoughts about the year to come.

If you have started a 365 project or are thinking about it, join The Family Photographer 365 Project 2017 group on Flickr or on Facebook. Having a group of friends cheering you on makes all the difference.

Thank you to my sound editor, Suzanne Llewellyn. You might not notice what she does but you would notice if she didn’t do it.

Thank you for listening to The Family Photographer. If you have a question, comment about Kirsten’s interview, guest suggestion or just want to say hello, email me –

I love hearing from you.


One thought to “The Family Photographer 9: Kirsten Lewis”

  1. Hi Jenny!
    I guess I am listening to your podcasts in reverse order. I love to hear Kirsten, and I loved to hear you two talk together! What a great job you have created for yourself!! Thank you so much for sharing the fruits of your passion!!

    Kristi Tamcsin

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