The Family Photographer 11: Erin Brant on Joyful Family Photography

THE LEO LOVES San Diego Family Photographer Erin Oveis Brant_667Today’s guest, Erin Brant, makes family photos that are both joyful and honest. She writes on her website, “If you’re looking for perfect family photos (meticulously coordinated outfits, everyone lined up smiling directly into the camera), you’ve probably come to wrong place. If you’re looking to have a really good time and make photos that show your real love and real life…I just might be the photographer for you!!”

In our conversation, Erin tells us about her former photography teacher who saw her photos of her kids and said, “What camera are you using?” When she told him, “My phone.” He said, “I have a camera you can use.”

Erin quickly learned more about photography and soon was being asked by family and friends to take photos for them. In no time, she was in business. These days, she’s based in sunny San Diego.

I loved talking to Erin for the show. Her enthusiasm for family and photography is infectious.

Right now, Erin is working on a course that will be available in May in the Click Photo School titled, “The Happy Now.”

As always, I love hearing from you. If you have a photography question, a guest suggestion, comment about this episode or something else is on your mind, simply reply to this email. It will pop right into my inbox. (I can’t promise my responses will be as quick but I will get back to you.)

The Family Photographer podcast is going to come out every other week for now. We’re welcoming a new person into our family and we’re taking time to settle in.

In two weeks, I’m sharing my conversation with Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate. Lauren and her husband, Rob, recently released a tutorial, How to Shoot Awesome Video. Lauren talks about what is special about video and tells us in simple terms how to make our family movies great.

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