The Family Photographer 12: Lauren Lim on Shooting Awesome Video

On this episode, I talk with Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate about how to shoot awesome video. Shooting video is more complicated than taking still photos of our family. Why should you bother? Lauren tells us what is special about video and why it’s worth the trouble. We talk about some of the technical considerations of video and why it’s not as hard as you think.

Lauren and Rob have created a thorough and unintimidating tutorial all about Shooting Awesome Video. If you’d like to win the tutorial, leave a comment. A winner will be chosen randomly from the comments on March 7.

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The show is coming out every other week for the time being. There’s a new baby in the house. We’re settling in – a lot of napping, nursing and admiring her soft little feet.

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8 thoughts to “The Family Photographer 12: Lauren Lim on Shooting Awesome Video”

  1. I was super inspired by this episode to begin to try my hand at video! I need to capture the sweet little toddler voices before they begin to mature. I’m definitely checking out the resources at Photography Concentrate. Thanks again for another inspiring episode Jenny! I hope you’re settling in to life with your newest little one 🙂

  2. thanks Jenny and Lauren for an educational and enjoyable dip into the world of video. I’m dying to get working on video and exploring it’s potential so it was great to hear so many tips and thoughts on the subject.
    I’ve no doubt the tutorial is excellent as anytime I’ve bought something from Photography Concentrate the e-books and tutorials have been top-class.
    Now I understand why the camera guys are always using ND Filters, so that they can shoot at 50 no matter what the light is. Thanks, that nugget of info alone makes shooting video clearer already in my mind.
    Looking forward to the next podcast…..

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