The Family Photographer 13: Tara Whitney

tarawhitney16_0107When Tara had three small children, her husband bought her a camera and said, “You’ve got to do something for yourself.” (What a guy.) Tara started sharing her photos on a blog for her family. The blog grew and people asked her if she’d photograph their families the way she photographed her own. I ask Tara how she felt then and feels now about sharing photos of her kids online. She talks about what precautions she has taken, and how sharing about her family has changed as the kids have gotten older.

We talk about why Tara enjoys using film and what it was like having Jon Canlas photograph her family. (Jon talked about photographing Tara’s family on episode 13 of TWiP Family.) We talk about the fine line between being inspired when looking at other photographers’ work and feeling discouraged by comparison. And we talk about the times when the emotion of a photo trumps technical perfection.

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