The Family Photographer 14: Ashleigh Raddatz on Documentary Family Photography

IMG_7146 (1)This week’s guest is Ashleigh Raddatz. She is a family documentary photographer and mother of two young boys.  Ash talks about her personal project, Always August, about her son who is on the autism spectrum. She photographs his rituals, good times and hard times too.



Along with her friend, Lia Edwards, Ashleigh has recently launched a website, Documentary Family Photographers. The aim of their website is to help families looking for documentary style photography find photographers who specialize in documentary. They also want the site to help documentary family photographers learn from each other. Ash and Lia are offering listeners to the podcast 20% off with the code famphoto20. You can sample the conversations photographers are having by joining the Facebook group. Long time listeners will find familiar faces there. Kirsten Lewis, Zalmy Berkowitz, Davina Fear, and Francesca Russell are all members of the group.

Connect with Ashleigh: Website, Facebook, Instagram


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