8|40 Mess

I was sitting with my boy and found myself distracted by the mess around me.  Shouldn’t I be picking up shoes or folding laundry?  This image came to my mind.  I was thinking about when something becomes so messy it is no longer useful.  

I do like a neat house, I just don’t have one.  When I think about how neat is things need to be I think, “Less time looking for socks – more time going for walks.”  I like to keep things orderly enough that I don’t spend much time searching for necessary things (keys, wallet, socks…)  

My girls let things pile up in their room so much that they stop playing there.  Then, I say, “You’re room needs to be cleaned.”  After the moans are done and the drawers and trash bags are full, they look around and say, “This is much better!” Then they start playing in their room again.

So, there I was sitting with my boy, looking at the mess.  We played for awhile and then I climbed over some toys and got out my camera.

2 thoughts to “8|40 Mess”

  1. Yeah, i get that. However, it is much more fun to reach for your camera and go outside to play. I say,"cut that extra string from the spool and pitch it to the curb". That has been our summer. Who needs that extra string anyways.

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