7|40 Taking Shape


Taking ShapeOh, summer.  This one has been so hot.  I want to be enjoying it.  I remember bundling up the kids in the winter to go out for a fewer minutes than it took to get bundled and I think, “Enjoy this.”  But, most of the time, I’m wiping sweat off my baby or me and not enjoying it.  

I do love the water though.  It’s a wonderful, changeable subject.  And we’re out playing in it every day.

One of the unexpected benefits of my 100 mm lens is that I don’t need to get as close to the water to get a picture of it.  I have had to protect the camera from an errant spray or two but mostly it makes water photos easier.

A photo like this calls for a fast shutter speed (1/1250) and a lot of failures. Fortunately, my boy was so happy to have the hose on that he hardly noticed me.

2 thoughts to “7|40 Taking Shape”

  1. This is stunning, Jenny. I love how he is just peeking over the spray of water.

    I hope it cools down for you. I can imagine that it is sticky to have a little baby always close in the heat!

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