6|40 Big Folks, Small Folks, Short and Tall

I was talking to a photographer friend about my pictures and said, “I don’t know if my photographs are good or if I just love them because I love the people in them.”  He said, “Does it matter?”

This is a photo of two people I love dearly and my favorite photo from the hundreds I took last week.  

We were away last week at a church camp that I’ve been going to almost every year since I was eight.  The tall boy is my nephew.  When he was little, like my Cotton Top, he came to camp with us.  And now look how long he is and how kind.  

Sometimes the choice between black and white or color is easy.  Other times, it’s a toss up.  This was one of those cases. Here is the color version:

When I used film and developed and printed my photographs, I almost always used black and white film.  It was much easier to process.  I didn’t have the choice of seeing the same image in black and white or color.  Now, I love having a choice and sometimes not choosing. 

3 thoughts to “6|40 Big Folks, Small Folks, Short and Tall”

  1. I love both of these. Without even knowing the two subjects, I can see the connection between them that you have captured.

    You continue to inspire me to keep taking photographs and keep trying new things! Thank you, Jenny.

  2. Thank you both. I don't doubt that my photos in general are good anymore, but sometimes I have a hard time evaluating a single photograph when I love the people in it so much.

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