Try It: Find a Frame

Somtimes I have more ideas than I know what to do with.  Sometimes it’s nice if someone just tells me what to do.  Maybe your creative juices are already flowing, but if not, try it.  Find a frame. 

Last week we went to the museum when the girls had a day off. When we arrived, I said, “We need to go to the big room first.  I want to get a photo of Augusta crawling in there.”  They groaned a little, but understood.  I always want to go there.  I’ve shared this photo below before.  It’s the first one I took in the big museum room.

Finding a frame directs the attention of your eyes to the subject, just like putting something in a frame on the wall says, “Look at this.” 

The shape of the frame doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. 

It could be people.  

This is something you can do with any camera.

Try it.  Find a frame.  Let me know how it goes.

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