38|40 Sunny Day

For weeks, she’d just take a few steps and then go back to crawling.  Then one day, she wanted to carry something while crossing the room.  With a reason to walk, she gave up crawling and walks everywhere now. 

On Friday, we were walking while her big brother was riding his bike.  I noticed her shadow and how it helped show her steps.  I didn’t have my camera with me.  I don’t usually like taking pictures in the bright, midday sun.  But, here was a reason to.  We went home for the camera and came out again.  I was happy with the shadows and also with how the path reflected light on to her happy face. 

3 thoughts to “38|40 Sunny Day”

  1. It is those simple things in life, like a shadow, that make all the difference. Happy Mother's day.

  2. Beautiful! The whole world changes for everyone when our little ones begin to walk (now she can wear summer dresses … stuff on the floor isn't so attractive to her …). By the way, Happy Mother's Day!

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