1: The Pogo Project

When Savanna goes out on her pogo stick, she hops and counts:  one, two, three… 

Her goal isn’t to hop forever.  It’s to see how long she can do it and if it’s longer than last time.

…one hundred one…

Eventually she loses her balance.

One hundred sixty-seven.  


One, two, three…

I said last week that I would post a daily photo.  Not a picture from every day of the year, but a picture every day.  I’m counting up until I lose my balance (like simply falling asleep at eight with my baby like I did last night) and fall off… Then I’ll get up and start over.  

I’m calling it the Pogo Project.  


1/31/13 Update:I’ve changed my Pogo Project a little and am counting the number of weekdays in a row that I’ve posting.  I’m taking the weekends off and I’m finding that it’s working better for me.

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