3: Lori’s Songs

I grew up listening to Lori’s songs. We had tapes of her singing about Joseph’s coat of many colors, the Ten Plagues and the Good Samaritan. When I became at elementary teacher at our church’s school, I sang her songs with my students. Now as a mother, I sing her songs with my kids.

This weekend she and her husband were in town. I took this photo while she was singing one of her songs with the kids in our church nursery.

Lori and her husband wrote and shared their songs while raising nine kids. They shared their songs before you record music on your ipad or check out music on the Internet. They made cassette tapes, we listened and sang the songs with the children in our lives. Their music was something they loved to do and shared with us. They set stories from God’s Word to music and we sang along.

I don’t know how they made space in their busy child raising days to make their music, but I’m so glad they did. My heart was full when I watched my children sing along with her. “The coat was orange, and blue, and green and purple too…”

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  1. Tears came to my eyes as I read your last line … the coat was orange and blue … Yes, Lori and John's songs have left a mark on our hearts, and their songs leave the stories from the Bible in our thoughts. It's hard to thank them enough.

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