For the Love of Play

It’s October’s For the Love blog circle today.  Follow the links in our blogs all the way around the circle until you find yourself back here. (It’s cool isn’t it?)

It’s fall in Pittsburgh.  That means sun and temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold.  Perfect.  Along side the perfection is the knowledge that cloudy, cold days aren’t far off.  Most mornings, I leave the dishes in the sink and the laundry in a heap and head to my kids’ favorite place: the playground.  

When I say “the playground,” I really mean one of our many favorite playgrounds.  

The above photo is at Blue Slide park – named for this blue (and red?) slide.    

After ten years of watching my kids on plastic slides, this still cracks me up.

Sometimes she still likes the baby swing.  Other times, she’s wants the big swing.I 

I couldn’t resist the lines and colors in this one.  

I feel like I could go on and on with photos from playgrounds.   We are there so often and my camera is always by my side.  

But, it’s a beautiful fall morning in Pittsburgh and we’re going outside to enjoy it.

Please follow our circle to Melissa’s post – For the Love.

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