112 : 365 Stay Awake

4:06 PM

I wanted her to go to bed before 9:30, so I didn’t put her down for a nap.  But by the late afternoon, she was a tired, sad girl.  Sometimes, a bath helps us get through.  She didn’t want that.  I got her a bowl of rice and a bowl of flour and let her explore.  

She was happy until her brother and sisters found her and wanted to tell her how to do it.   You know, the right way to play with flour and rice.

The peace didn’t last as long as I wanted but it got us through to dinner and then an early bed time.  

Photo Note: This is from wide aperture week – shot at f1.6.  I love what it does to leaves in the background.   On the downside, wide apertures produce a lot of almost  great images when the focus is off just a little.

2 thoughts to “112 : 365 Stay Awake”

  1. Oh no – I’m afraid I may have been playing with flour and rice correctly all these years. Maybe your big kids can give me a lesson.

  2. I love the sibling dynamic 🙂
    BTW, small focus errors aren’t visible in web thumbnail sizes, if an expression is good enough I’d choose to keep a "near miss" picture and maybe even choose it in lieu of ones better technically.

    I heard this quote once:
    "Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field". – Peter Adams – Adams Sydney, 1987

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