19: What We’re Reading Today

I love books and usually have a stack out from the library.  Sometimes my friend, Zane, posts a photo of the books that they are reading.  I was inspired to do the same today.  One book for each of us and the newspaper for my dear husband who reads it every day.

I’m also updating my neglected “book shelf” page on the blog to include just these current books with a little bit about each one. I gave the page a new title too, What We’re Reading.

And, yes, I’m reading a book about business, Worth Every Penny.  I’m surprised how much I’m interested in business now that I’m starting one.  I know have a lot to learn about being in business.  I thought that reading about running a business was necessary but would be boring.  So far, it’s not boring at all.  I find myself noticing more about the businesses I come in contact with every day.  What do I like about them?  What don’t I like?  When do I feel taken care of? That kind of thing. 

Do you have any book recommendations? Leave them in the comments.

Happy Reading!

~ Jenny

2 thoughts to “19: What We’re Reading Today”

  1. I'd like to reccomend Gerald Durrell's books. Hilarious! His best is 'my family and other animals' a must read!

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