20: At the Library

Last time we went to the library, these window boxes were full of other little readers during our visit.  This morning my kids had a chance to get in, look down at the cars on the street below and read a little.  These windows are in the main (adult) section of the library.    When we are leaving the library, we often head over to these big windows to peer down on Forbes Avenue and see the tops of the trucks and buses going by.  There is usually a row of serious adults reading books nearby.  I try to keep my kids on the quiet side, all the while wishing we could enjoy the view with gusto.  

Today, right after I took this picture, the library security guard came over and told me that the window seats were just for sitting – no running, no crawling – just sitting.  Okay, I said.  We quietly gathered our books and headed out while the adults went on reading in peace.  

About the Photos: I got a new, used camera.  It’s a 5D classic – a full frame camera.  (Finally.)  Anyway, I have a 20mm lens that I haven’t ever loved on my 7D but I put it on the new camera and it’s a lot of fun. 

8 thoughts to “20: At the Library”

  1. Yeah, I was thinking about getting a 5D classic too, the current prices are bargain basement 🙂
    What are your impressions? I've only got a 50mm/1.8 with the EF mount, the rest of lenses are for Crop only though.

  2. Hi Katie. It's true. This isn't the first time that breaking the rules has resulted in a good photo for me. In this case – I didn't even know I was breaking the rules! I'm going to bring a copy of the photo to them though. It's so much fun.

  3. Hi there Marcin,
    Thanks for your comment. I got my 5D from Adorama for $600. I expected it to be beat up but it looks perfect to me. I miss all the focus points that the 7D offers and I'm also used to being able to switch to video. That said, in the week I've had the 5D I haven't picked up the 7D once. I love how a 50mm lens looks on a full frame. Maybe I'll do a post with the same lens and subject on both cameras. Is that something you'd like to see?
    Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well,

  4. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for your reply :)) Yes, we're doing quite well, although not without winter colds 🙁

    I was more looking for your impressions rather than technical comparisons, as I'm aware of the depth of field calculations and other boring stuff like that 😉

    What interests me is how the different format (2x bigger sensor) relates to creative process.

  5. … Unless you want to post the 5D/7D comparison using actual people, then it would be interesting 🙂 The comparisons I saw were done using bottles and other inanimate objects, so not very "emotional" 🙂

  6. interesting about the full-frame. My Nikon d7000 broke (shutter broke, it's under warranty!) so I borrowed a full-frame d600. Didn't care for the transition. I like my cropped sensor getting me closer to the action.
    Great photo!

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