Imperfect Gifts

A year and a half ago, I bought materials to make dolls for all three of my girls.  I planned to have them done by Christmas 2012.  I started the dolls but never finished.

My reasons were simple – no time, no space.  

I decided on a smaller goal.  Just one doll for Augusta on Christmas.  Again, I didn’t finish.

I set my sights on her second birthday.  While crafting her doll, I listened to my inner dialogue. 

It sounded like this: “Are the eyes even?  Is the mouth too small?  Will this stitch hold?  The stitches are so uneven.  I don’t really like the shape of the legs.” It went on and on.  What was left out of the chatter going on was, “I’m making a doll for my daughter who is… turning two.” 

I listened to my darling inner critic prattle on and sewed anyway.  I finished it the night before her birthday and wrapped it up.

She opened it on her birthday and was held it for a minute or two.  Then she put it down and played with something else.  Her sister, Avery, picked it up, hugged it and took it to her room.  (Where it remains.)

I didn’t hit a home run for Augusta with this doll, but I learned that “no time!” and  “no space!” are not the reasons my projects don’t get done by Christmas.  

I’ve started to call the inner dialogue while I work my inner third grader.  She wants perfect, matching stitches so no one will look at her work and say, “It’s not so great.”  

I listened to my inner third grader as I made a photo book for Augusta.  “Are the photos straight? Who are you leaving out? Will Mom like the photo of herself?” 

I said, “It’s okay, honey.  It’s for a two year old who may or may not love the book.  But she will not care if the pictures are straight as long as she can tear the wrapping paper.”

2 thoughts to “Imperfect Gifts”

  1. Love this, Jenny. So sweet. So true. I have one of those inner third graders too. And an inner editor that likes to pipe up before it is her turn to contribute. I love the idea of speaking kindly to her instead of yelling!

    The doll is beautiful. And the photo book! What a wonderful, wonderful gift for your two year old. Two years?!

  2. I'm so glad Avery adopted the doll. Perhaps Avery could see "the third grader within"
    that made it, since she will be one next year! Love the sequence, beginning to end.

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