Try It: Notice the Sweet Stuff

Some days, it seems like most of our day was sunshine with a few clouds.

Some days, I climb the stairs at bedtime, exhausted, with unhappy voices echoing in my head.  Are these kids ever happy? 

Well, yes.  They are. Every day for at least a few split seconds. (1/200 of a second for the above photo.)

Yesterday, we met cousins at a playground.  We played and played.  My kids were screaming as we got into the car (tired, hot and hungry).  Atticus was clamoring for a milkshake.  I am not one to say no to a milkshake.

We got one.  They shared it.  

This gets to the heart of why I take photos almost every day.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that these sweet moments happen every day.  But, I have proof.  

This week – Try It: Notice the Sweet Stuff.

If you asked me, “Do Atticus and Augusta laugh together?”  I would probably say, “I don’t know. Atticus laughs after he knocks her down.”

But look! They do laugh together.  I hadn’t noticed.

I’d love to see what you notice this week. Send your photo in an email to

Coming on Friday: photos from readers who have been trying it. (Want in? It’s not too late.)

Did you enjoy reading this post? Do you have a question? Grammatical error to report? Frustration with your camera setting? I’m all ears. 

Leave a comment.  Send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts to “Try It: Notice the Sweet Stuff”

  1. I should have added – photo editing suggestions.

    I tried warming it up +700 and it looks better.

    Thanks for the comment and suggestion.

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