You Tried It!

Today I’m sharing photos sent by – you – my readers – who are trying it!

First: Sneaking Around

This one is from Joy. She is almost halfway through a 365 project which you can see here.

I love the porch light, beautiful daughter and she’s reading an honest to goodness letter.

Second: Getting Down in the Dirt

This one is from Marcin. You can find more of his work here.

Marcin writes: This was taken in full sunlight with a scrim, a light modifier diffusing the light. I put it on a chair to shield the little one from light and get nicer shadows.

You almost need an assistant, but it is worth it.

Crazy cute baby and perfect light.

This is from Zane, whose beautiful blog is Amabellen. She got down in the dirt to get this shot of her daughter’s concentration.

The grass in front mirrors the branches behind. It also captures such a pure expression.

Marcin also sent a photo of Sweet Stuff between his kids. Such a joyful moment!

Thank you for sharing your images with me.

Enjoy the weekend!

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