75 & 76 : 365 Arrival

I have shared some photos of our newest neighbor. (here)  

I was present at his birth to photograph his arrival. His parents have been generous enough to let me share some photos from the day he was born.  

They chose to give birth with midwives at the Midwife Center of Pittsburgh. (This is where I gave birth to my babies too.)

It was a long day for Eden.  This first photo was from a walk to help contractions pick up steam.  Her baby was born twelve (long, hard) hours later.  Her husband, Jace, calmly supported her all day long.  It was amazing to witness her strength and determination.    

And, there is nothing, nothing, like seeing a baby arrive in this world.

5 thoughts to “75 & 76 : 365 Arrival”

  1. Wow Jen, these are just beautiful. I cried looking at them. You so perfectly captured that feeling of the hard, but wonderful work of laboring to bring a child into this world! Nothing like it and you can not describe it to someone who hasn’t experienced it, but these pictures capture it so well.

  2. Oh Jenny! These look just like your photos! Hopefully, you are contacting the Home Birth Midwives and Doula associations to present your photos at their monthly meetings, and to hand out your cards…they would love you! Many of them try to offer taking their own photos for the parents, but really, we are too busy with the moms to compose and to switch roles to photography at the time of birth. If there is a military hospital nearby, you could also volunteer to do this for active duty husbands who are deployed, and it could become a paid position, once you are in and you are a familiar face. We have an org called Operation Special Delivery at Camp Pendleton for the moms on base. This would increase your portfolio and experience in birthing settings….Lovely! You know I love your "eye!"

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