84 : 365 For the Love of (Growing) Families

It’s time for my monthly For the Love blog circle.  At the end of this post follow the link to Nina’s blog and then follow the link in her blog to the next.  Enjoy the inspiring work of the photographers in the circle.  You have made it all the way around the circle when you find yourself back here. 


A little more than a week after their baby arrived, got together with Eden and Jace for some pictures of their whole  family.   

That tiny baby boy has a big sister, Willow.  She’s the reason Eden is smiling in this photo.  

(Willow has a special talent for making people around her smile.)


Jace told me Willow liked to hold her baby brother very briefly many times a day.  

The time between these two photos? Five seconds.

Please follow the circle to Nina’s For the Love post.  

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