229 : 365 Clean

I haven’t felt this way in awhile.  Waffling between color and black and white.  But this one.  I haven’t decided.

I have a soft spot for black and white.  For years it’s all I did.  Developing color film in a darkroom is more complicated.  The chemicals have to be an exact temperature. I did it a few times, didn’t love my results and thought, “Who needs color anyway?” 

Are you of an age that you can remember when Charlie Brown’s Christmas special was on live TV and that was the only chance to watch it all year?  I am.  My kids cannot imagine such a limited TV experience.  “Four channels?” they say in disbelief.  

Maybe you have always used a digital camera and the choice has always been yours.  Color? Black and white?  Both?  

I wonder how my experience learning photography has shaped my work.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with choices.  The only mode to shoot in was manual.  The only lens I had was a 50mm.  The only choices were about film – what speed? color or black and white? 

 That’s the question today. Color or black and white?

Today’s photo count: 28

2 thoughts to “229 : 365 Clean”

  1. When I got married my mom asked me to pick a good picture and get two dozen copies made for her to include with Christmas cards. I picked a black and white photo and she was pretty angry when she got them. She had to pay extra to have color wedding photos and black and white was second rate. Fortunately my aunt explained to her that it was "the style" now.

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