How to Freeze a Bubble

Or, how to enjoy temperatures in the single digits.

I saw the weather forecast for tonight, a low of 10, and got excited for one reason – frozen bubbles.

When our first wave of frigid weather arrived last month, I saw a post on Facebook with photos of frozen bubbles.  The thought of freezing bubbles had never occurred to me before.  I wanted to try it.  My first few attempts resulted in a lot of popped bubbles and cold fingers.  But, the weather persisted and so did I.

Even if you don’t plan to take any photos, give it a try.  

I found that the best bubble recipe was one half bubble mix and one half corn syrup.  Yes, it’s a sticky mess.

(I also tried it with glycerin but the corn syrup works better. )

It’s fun to blow the bubbles into the air, watch them burst and fall like lace to the ground.  

I prefer watching the crystals grow. To do this, let the bubble hang off the wand or blow the bubbles onto a surface.  When there is a little build up of bubble mix on the surface, the bubbles are more likely to stay intact.  Wind is the enemy.  I looked for protected places or made a wind block with the kids’ sleds.

Also, this.

After I’d been out for a little while, the bubble solution turned to slush.  This resulted in bubbles like the one at the top of the post  with the ice swirling around and growing.  


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  1. These are so cool Jenny! Amazing! I’m so glad you persisted . . . with the help of your trusty assistant, I’m sure!

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