Bubble Weather

When I saw how cold it was, I got excited. It was cold enough to freeze some bubbles. (About zero fahrenheit.)

Do you remember last year when it was so cold? I got a lot of practice freezing bubbles. (Those photos are right here.) This year I was ready. I knew that the best mixture included corn syrup and the best surface was very cold and covered with a layer of bubble juice.

I thought ahead and froze a block of ice so I could move it around to whatever light worked best. I forgot to get a bubble wand but found that our turkey baster worked just fine.


8 thoughts to “Bubble Weather”

    1. Yes! They are somewhere that they could use it. You will have to keep photographing that beautiful ocean where you are!
      If you have store bought bubbles, make 1/3 of you mixture corn syrup.
      For these, I had Dawn dish detergent on hand. I used one part each – water, Dawn and corn syrup.

  1. So beautiful! They look more delicate somehow than your photos from last year. I love how you included a “behind the scenes” shot too.

    I didn’t realize that it needs to be zero degrees for frozen bubbles. It actually rarely gets that cold here (the big Lake keeps us insulated), so we may not be able to do it . . . but I’ll keep my eye on the thermometer for a temperature dip!

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